Customized Hand crafted pieces

HBS 1291 - Haidos Grey/Metallic Silver & Fuchsia Bespoke Beads Set


Looked Outstanding. It was a showstopper. Fit: Perfect fit Length: Perfect length Design: Better than expected Quality: Better than expected

Felicia O.

HBS 1301 - Yellow and Black Ruff Collar Beads Set

I love this color block bead choker like i would love to call it. I bought it and i love it because i get to dress it up with both african and english outfit. That is why i gave it five stars.

Semi O.

HBS 1294 - Red Teardrop Coral Beads Set

Just one word to describe this bead, STUNNING. It's a must have for every lady who enjoys been adorned, complimented and looking good.

Oyein O.

HBS 2348 - Black Beads Set

The bead set look more fabulous than in the picture. It's a really great deal for the price. Love it!!!


HBS 1331 - Coral Bead Set

Ordering from has always been amazing, but this last order was epic considering the short notice and the work that they put into making me look like a Queen on Mother's Day is priceless. Thank you Sade and Haidos House for your impeccable customer service, and you remain my jeweler for life. Amanda from New York City.